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Let Us Fix Your Basement Water Problems

The last thing you want to discover is a damp, leaky, moldy basement. It’s not always quite as simple as cleaning out the water. Often, water in your basement means you have some bigger problems on your hands than sitting water. Leaks into your basement, where water seeps in, do not improve on their own, unfortunately. Leaving cracks, leaks, and water intrusion unchecked and unfixed can easily result in worsening and, ultimately, foundational issues. At Premier Waterproofing, this is our area of expertise. We are your waterproofing experts, and we are here to make sure your basement is safe from water intrusion and all the issues that it brings with it.

How Water Gets in Your Basement

During periods of heavy or extended rain, the soil around your home becomes saturated, creating hydrostatic pressure that can push moisture and water through your basement walls and floors.

Water can find its way into your basement a number of ways, including:

Signs of Water Intrusion

Usually water in your basement is easily recognizable, but here are a few signs that you have a water problem in your basement:

Our Approach to Basement Waterproofing

The first thing we do is come out and thoroughly inspect your situation to determine exactly what needs to be done and prepare a written estimate for the project. Whether your home has interior or exterior issues, we will do what it takes to fix the situation.

For exterior issues, we will excavate the soil down as far as 12 feet, fully coat the exterior walls and install a drainage system to prevent water from entering your basement again. Once completed, we carefully put the soil back, along with taking care of your landscaping and lawn, and we leave everything looking as good as new.

On the interior, we can install a floor drainage system and take all necessary steps to stop all of your water issues. If mold is present, we clean the areas by wiping, brushing, and/or sanding to remove the surface mold and then treat the areas with a chemical spray to kill the mold.

Everything we do is backed by our 7 Year Transferable Warranty, so you can be assured that we stand behind our work and are committed to making sure your home and family are safe.

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